The Boudoir photography gallery is an example of yet another type of photography Dax is capable of shooting. Many women approach him to shoot images for their husbands and loved ones...the genre is called Boudoir photography. In his Missoula studio Dax has photographed numerous women who come to him hoping he can capture the beauty and sex appeal that they exude. Dax's elegant, tasteful boudoir photos are for clients that are looking for unique, sexy and beautiful boudoir or nude portraits. As you can see from his portfolio, Dax captures the beauty of the naked or semi-nude female body in a way that is tasteful, classy, elegant, visually stunning and sometimes edgy. Dax's nude portraiture photography is performed either in studio or on location in the comfort of the client's own home. If you're interested in artful nude photography or elegant, sexy, classy or fun boudoir photography or bridal boudoir photos, contact Dax for your own private photo shoot.