+ Is Dax your real name?

•Yes it is! It’s my full first name. My parents wanted to go against family tradition and give their children creative names…the result: Dax, my brother Tyner and my sister Rye!

+ Why do you show your pricing on your site?

•Because it’s the right thing to do…I find it scary that most other photographers won’t post their pricing. If your pricing is fair and competitive why hide it? Seems very sketchy…are other photographers charging different prices for the same services? My pricing is set the same for everyone (as it should be).

+ Do you do this full time?

•Yes…not only is it my passion, but I’m fortunate enough to be able to do what I love full time!

+ Do you really have a day dedicated to you?

•Yes…the city of Missoula honored me with the Volunteer of the Year award in 2011 and part of that honor was dedicating April 11th as Dax Kuehn Day!

+ Can I see a complete wedding...not just the portfolio?

Sure! Click here

+ Do you have any time limits when you shoot a wedding?

•No, once you book me for that date I will shoot your wedding in its entirety. I will start shooting the moment the bride starts getting ready and will shoot all the way through the couple send off (most weddings I shoot usually end up being about 12-15 hours!). You will never be charged an hourly rate nor will there ever be any time restrictions…when I agree to photograph your wedding I am agreeing to capture all the memories of that day.

+ How many pictures will we get?

Weddings: You'll get a custom usb drive and online gallery with about 2,000+ images edited to perfection! They will all be full resolution to make prints, email…basically do whatever you’d like…they’re yours to keep! •Portraits: At an average portrait session you'll get about 100-200 fully edited images on a custom usb drive and online gallery to make prints, email…basically do whatever you’d like…they’re yours to keep!

+ Will our images be edited?

•Yes, where needed and only the main subjects (blemishes, etc). I will personally edit every image to perfection!

+ How soon should we book with you?

•As soon as possible. I work on a first come-first serve basis and try to be as fair as possible, but dates book very quickly, many times years in advance!

+ How long have you been shooting weddings?

•I shot my first wedding in 1998 and since then I’ve honestly lost count as to how many weddings I’ve shot…it’s a lot!

•Yes of course...you get full print release to print as many as you'd like! Though I do retain the right to use them in advertising (for weddings).

+ How much do you charge for travel?

•I live in Missoula, MT and will gladly travel anywhere within 20 miles free of charge. 20-50 miles-$50 extra, 50-100 miles-$100 extra, 100-150-$200, 150+ miles (within Montana and surrounding area up to a 6 hour drive)-$300+hotel. I have also been flown to other states/countries to shoot weddings. As long as expenses are covered, I’d go to the ends of the earth to shoot your wedding/potrait.

+ What is your payment policy?

•For weddings: half of the fee is due up front when the contract is signed to hold the date. The other half is due 30 days prior to the wedding. (If this is an issue I’d be happy to work out payment terms) •For portraits: payment is due at the time of the shoot.

+ Do you shoot for commercial purposes?

All the time! My base rate is $1200 for the shoot plus license fees per image based on the usage (national campaign, local, webpage, etc).

+ Do you have insurance?

•Yes I have liability insurance and malpractice insurance

+ What is malpractice insurance for photographers?

•It’s only for the absolute worst case scenario…say I shoot your wedding and on the drive home I’m in a car accident and the memory cards go up in flames. Malpractice insurance will cover the cost to clean the dress, re-rent tuxes, rent the venue, flowers, etc…it even will cover travel expenses to fly guests back to the site. Bottom line, it will cover all the expenses to recreate your wedding day in the event something happens to the original photos. Fortunately I’ve never had to utilize this service.

+ What type of payments do you accept?

•We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express), as well as cash and check.

+ What is Trash the Dress?

•A trash the dress shoot is a fun shoot that we do after the wedding day that includes all the fun and creative shots that we wouldn’t dare do the day of your wedding. (and no, you don’t actually trash the dress).

+ Will we see any pictures the day of the wedding?

•I do my best to download some shots from earlier in the day and display them on a laptop at the reception.

+ Do you work with an assistant/second shooter?

•No, I’ve found that they seem to get in the way and don’t provide the quality of images you deserve. I’ll shoot you’re wedding to ensure that you get the best photos possible. However, if you really want a second shooter I’d be happy to bring one for an additional $500.

+ When will we get our images?

•It can take up to 3-4 weeks for portraits and up to 12 weeks for weddings, just depends on how busy I am at the time of the shoot, but typically you’ll receive the images much sooner!

+ What will the album be like?

•It’s not a traditional album…rather it’s very modern with a fun layout and is more like a photobook than album. Each album is custom and you'll get a chance to select the images you'd like and to proof it before it gets sent to the printer.

+ What’s a typical schedule for my wedding day?

•Granted they’re all different but the typical day looks like this: •10AM getting ready (This includes makeup, hair, and getting dressed…I will start shooting then) •1PM glamour shots of the bride and bridesmaids with the photographer •3PM shots of the groomsmen getting ready and in their tuxes •4PM relax for an hour while guests arrive •5PM ceremony •5:30 receiving line •6PM shots of the family •6:20PM shots of the wedding party •6:30PM Reception •6:35PM I LOVE the flow of a wedding if upon entrance into the reception the couple goes immediately into their first dance! Followed by the the other first dances and toasts. This works well since you have everyone’s attention and it sets the stage for the rest of the evening. •6:45PM Dinner •7:30PM cake cutting, and bouquet/garter toss •8PM I like to pull the couple away from the reception for a few minutes to get some intimate sunset shots of just them •10PM couple send off