Quite simply of all the photographers in Montana, Dax is not only one of the best in the region but he is one of the best wedding and portrait photographers in the world!  Dax’s talent as a photographer was recognized early in his career as a student at the University of Montana. It was there he was given the technical abilities to go along with his natural talent which resulted in the emergence of unique combination of creativity and art.  

Dax was born and raised in Missoula Montana and also went to school at the University of Montana for fine art photography. His gift for capturing the moment and passion for creating award winning photographs started in 1998 when he shot his first wedding.  Since then many things have changed and with every subsequent wedding he shoots comes a new batch of exquisite wedding photos that delight brides and grooms around the globe. His photography has been in numerous publications and has won many awards. Despite the accolades Dax is best known for his mastery of light. His photographs are always luminous with vibrant colors and heartfelt emotion. Quite simply Dax’s wedding photos are works of art in themselves. It’s no wonder that year in and year out he is fully booked and loves being a wedding photographer.