Bride Tips From Dax Photography: Makeup. Get it professionally done...period! There is a major difference between makeup that is photoshoot ready and what you normally wear.  Skin Chic is flat out the best for weddings! Regardless of who you use, a professional will use the best quality products (often using an airbrush for your foundation) and will make sure everything is perfect. The best thing I can recommend to brides is make sure you work with them well in advance to go through a few run-throughs. A professional makeup artist will make sure your vision matches your facial features and the ultimate look you're going for. Don't wear makeup...don't worry they are professionals at making it light and natural yet smooths everything out for photos. Make sure you get a sample or buy a tube of what they put on your lips...it's the main thing you'll need to touch up throughout the day. I carry a full makeup kit with me for touch ups, but not many photographers do so you'll want to be prepared.  www.daxphotography.com