Try on your dress at least 5 times before your wedding day.  Not just in the store, or the alterations shop.  Make sure you try on your dress at home, preferably with the people who are actually going to lace/zip you into it.  Practice getting into your dress!  Know if you need to step into it or have it go over your head.  Make sure the people lacing it up know how to lace it (not just watched it on youtube).  Make sure they know how to tie it off and tuck the laces correctly so you don't have a tail.  Make sure they know how to hook the buttons, how the vanity panel attaches, etc, etc.  And most of all...bustle it at least 5 times too!  I can't even begin to tell you how many dresses I have personally had to lace up or bustle over the years because I'm the only one there who knows how!  PRACTICE ALL OF IT AT LEAST 5 TIMES BEFORE YOUR WEDDING!  Trust me on this one :)