Bride Tips From Dax Photography:  Your dress WILL get dirty.  Bottom line your dress will get dirty and the underside will be absolutely filthy by the end of your wedding day.  I always find it funny how careful everyone is with the dress leading up to the wedding and even the morning of your big day...only to later be whipping the train around the beer and wine soaked dance floor.  My best advice to brides who are worried about the dress getting dirty is to just take a deep breath and enjoy the day and just roll with a little bit of dirt.  I run into brides all the time who want these epic shots in the middle of a field yet don't realize what it takes to get them.  I do take every precaution to make sure we don't hurt the dress (towels down, even literally carrying brides, etc) but if we're walking through a field we're bound to pick up some grass seeds and bugs along the way....don't worry it won't show up in the shots and I guarantee the guests won't notice either.  www.daxphotography.com