Bride Tips From Dax Photography: Cake. I'm a conessueir of cake...I've had A LOT of it over the years. As far as local cake vendors are concerned here's what I've found to be true. Best tasting-ranked from best to worst...Rosauers, Black Cat, The Pearl, Bernices. Cost-Rosauers (barely beat BC), Black Cat, Bernices, The Pearl. Creative look/beauty-Black Cat, Bernices, The Pearl, Rosauers. Make sure that whomever you select that they can make your vision become a reality...Rosauers simply can't do some of the creative cakes you see on Pinterest, but they do make a delicious cake. Additionally, when my wife and I got married we wanted a tier that was metallic silver, Bernices literally told us that they could do it, but it would be inedible...WTF! Bottom line we've chosen Black Cat whenever we've needed a cake and they haven't let us down!  www.daxphotography.com