Bride Tips From Dax Photography:  Prints.  After you get your wedding photos back...get prints!  I don't care if they're large, small, canvas, metallic, etc, etc...just get them done!  My wife and I took 6 months to get some prints made and I'm a photographer!!!  Don't just post them to Facebook or worse yet just leave them on the discs to only be viewed on anniversaries.  Too often I see couples' homes that don't have a single image from their wedding.  If you're looking to save money the best places to use are AdoramaPix and Costco.  Adorama's metallic finish is just beautiful and Costco believe it or not does a pretty damn good job for how cheap their prints are...seriously a 20x30 inch print is only $8.99!   For Canvas prints...CGProPrints simply can't be beat in quality and price!  www.daxphotography.com