Bride Tips From Dax Photography:  Pets in Weddings.  My wife and I absolutely love our puppies...they are our family!  In fact I love weddings so much I named my dog Veil!  I often hear couples the day of their wedding say "awww...I wish our puppy was here!"  My advice is that you really should do what you can to incorporate your dogs into the wedding (other animals are a different story lol).  Sometimes it's incorporating them as a ring bearer with a bow tie, and other times it's a full on wedding dress and veil.  Sadly not all venues allow pets and the biggest hassle is logistics and trying to get someone to watch your puppy the entire day.  Ultimately my best suggestion is that you ask whomever is watching your dogs that weekend to bring them to the reception at some point so you can at least get some pictures with them!  We made some magic happen with the couple in the photo.  It was before the wedding and they didn't want to see each other yet, but still wanted a picture with their puppy...fortunately she cooperated for a split second! :)  www.daxphotography.com