Bride Tips From Dax Photography: Wedding Group Shots. Have you ever tried to take a picture of 250 people at once?!?! Whether your family group shots are a few people or a few hundred there are a few things you can do to help. First off, make sure you move all the shoes, purses, bouquets, etc behind the photographer (not to the side). Secondly, fill in the gaps...if you can't see the camera...the camera can't see you. Finally, just keep smiling and looking at the camera...don't check to see if the person three people down from you is smiling (nothing ruins a shot quicker than people looking in every direction). A good photographer will roll through group shots quickly and effortlessly making sure everyone is entertained through the whole thing. I usually start with the large group (to make sure everyone is there) then peel off people as needed. Even with the biggest family groups these shots shouldn't take more than 40 minutes to take. Love, your friendly neighborhood photographer. :) To see the ultimate list of bride tips, click here: http://www.daxphotography.com/bride-tips/