Bride Tips From Dax Photography: Size of the bouquet. This post may be a bit touchy for some of my fellow wedding vendors, but I'll try and be as tactful as possible. I'm seeing a troubling trend with florists and wedding planners...the bouquets are getting HUGE! As a general rule, the bouquet on your wedding day should never be larger/wider than the bride...period! Don't get me wrong they are still beautiful but let's not forget that the bouquet is an accessory for the bride to carry down the aisle. In fact...probably the least important accessory (think family jewelry, etc) and is meant to enhance how she looks the day of her wedding...not be the focus. From a visual perspective if you have a bouquet wider than the bride it naturally makes her look bigger than she really is. Ladies, simple and elegant should always be the rule, plus a smaller bouquet will save you money. www.daxphotography.com