Bride Tips From Dax Photography: Asking For Discounts. I know how expensive weddings can be and fully understand that EVERY bride is on a budget. As a bride you should never be afraid to ask for discounts from your vendors...you never know until you ask and they just might surprise you. One of your best ways to get discounts from vendors is if you have a wedding date that is an off day (i.e. not a Saturday or holiday weekend). If a vendor doesn't have anything booked for a Friday or Sunday they may consider a discount more. Your chances of getting a discount also increase if it's later in the season and they don't have that date booked (i.e. last minute weddings). DON'T tell the vendor that you would like a discount because your wedding will "only be a few hours"...if they book a wedding at a discount for that day they are giving up the opportunity to book that day at full price and probably will say no. DON'T ever tell them it will be great exposure...just don't! DON'T tell them that you can do some of the work (editing photos for example)...a professional wedding vendor takes pride in giving you their best products and services and won't want to jeopardize that. Bottom line is that everything is negotiable and it doesn't hurt to ask but don't be alarmed if the vendor simply says no...they are making a decision based on what's right for their business. www.daxphotography.com