Information on Missoula Event

First off...a huge thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help out with this project!  Back to business, the event will be held at the Missoula Headstart building (1001 Worden Ave over on the Northside) on April 29th from 5-8PM.  Bring your own photography equipment...we're hoping for good weather to shoot out on their playground but just in case be prepared to shoot in a gym or classroom.

Each photographer will have someone assigned to them to help with logistics.  They'll need to mark down on a clipboard the photographer's name, each family's name, the classroom their child attends, and the frame number for the first image...this will help keep things straight.  I figure it would be easiest if I do the post processing so at the end of the night we can dump all the images onto my laptop (please take good photos in the cam and only shoot in will just make it easier).

The event will coincide with Headstart's yearly Feed n' Read event that has all the families come to the school for a talking with the director over there this is the best time to do the will have the best attendance (estimate 50-60 families) and we can pull families away one at a time.  Each family will get a printed it stands we have to limit it to one per family (but I can give them a disc of the images as well if they'd like...though sadly most don't have computers).

Finally as it stands we only have 1 makeup artist signed up to help...please if you know anyone who is skilled at all at making people look beautiful (don't need to be professionals)...please have them get in touch with me!