This one hit close to home brother is getting married this summer!  And in classic little brother fashion, he just assumed that I would be in the asking, discussion or talk.  I had to hear from my Mom that I was in the wedding.  He finally got around to asking if I would be in the wedding after the rest of the fam was giving him crap about it over Christmas (months later).  Anyway, the moral of the story here ladies and gentlemen is to make sure you ask your attendants if they will be in the wedding (don't assume anything)...furthermore make it special somehow and personal to you both!  I mean you are asking them to stand next to you on the big day after all!  For our wedding Jen actually had some super cute laser cut bridesmaids boxes made on Etsy for her attendants and even did one for my Mom that said "Thank you for raising an amazing son, will you be my new Mom?"