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Boudoir/Fine Art Nude Portrait

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Did a shoot the other day that started as a boudoir shoot but we ended up doing some fine art nudes as well.  Kelli was a blast to work with and the pics turned out fantastic.  I’ll definitely use the fine art pics in my upcoming art show…

IMG 0637 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0911 e1296850454223 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0733 e1296850495980 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0842 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0553 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0801 e1296850670904 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0689 e1296850720789 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0405 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0775 e1296850836947 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0385 e1296850883432 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0530 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0791 e1296850958339 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0654 e1296851001617 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0535 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude Portrait

Boudoir Photo Shoot-Ariel

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

This was my 3rd shoot with Ariel…as always we had a blast and got some gorgeous shots!  We were working in my home studio using the studio lights.  We decided to do a boudoir photography shoot and this is what resulted…

IMG 68931 e1285360971369 Boudoir Photo Shoot ArielIMG 5702 e1285361141170 Boudoir Photo Shoot ArielIMG 5910 e1285361056833 Boudoir Photo Shoot ArielIMG 61551 e1285361382698 Boudoir Photo Shoot ArielIMG 5876 1 e1285361435696 Boudoir Photo Shoot ArielIMG 6002 1 e1285361510262 Boudoir Photo Shoot ArielIMG 6100 1 Boudoir Photo Shoot Ariel

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Boudoir Photo Shoot-Tami

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010


Tami wanted to do some fun and sexy shots…which was extremely easy…she’s naturally fun and sexy!  What resulted was a spectacular boudoir portrait!

IMG 49841 Boudoir Photo Shoot TamiIMG 47721 Boudoir Photo Shoot TamiIMG 45921 Boudoir Photo Shoot TamiIMG 46371 Boudoir Photo Shoot TamiIMG 47651 Boudoir Photo Shoot TamiIMG 52821 Boudoir Photo Shoot Tami

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Portfolio Shoot-Ariel

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010


This past weekend I got to work with a fantastic model named Ariel.  She was SOOOO much fun to work with and the photos are some of the best I’ve taken in a while!  We got along famously and had a ton in common…I can’t wait for the next shoot!

IMG 5804 1 Portfolio Shoot ArielIMG 5507 e1286312125678 Portfolio Shoot ArielIMG 5933 e1286312162732 Portfolio Shoot ArielIMG 53581 Portfolio Shoot ArielIMG 5775 e1286312227972 Portfolio Shoot ArielIMG 5470 e1286312271953 Portfolio Shoot ArielIMG 5861 Portfolio Shoot ArielIMG 59481 e1286312331812 Portfolio Shoot ArielIMG 52151 e1286312370911 Portfolio Shoot Ariel

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Portfolio Shoot-Hollie

Monday, December 7th, 2009


A few weeks ago I did a portrait shoot for a friend of mine. We were trying to get some photos for a modeling portfolio for her. Honestly it was one of the best shoots I’ve done in a while. We got a ton of great photos and she was great in front of the lens.

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