Family Portrait-Tami

May 24th, 2010

Tami is one of my favorite people to have in front of my lens.  At this point we’ve done a ton of shoots together but never did any with her kids…it was time!  She has a beautiful family and her kids are soooo freaking cute and so well behaved….you can tell that not only is she beautiful and great in front of the lens, she’s a great mom too!  These are some of my favorites from their family portrait session…

IMG 7276 Family Portrait TamiIMG 7246 e1292008843970 Family Portrait TamiIMG 7473 Family Portrait TamiIMG 7070 Family Portrait TamiIMG 7753 e1292008934677 Family Portrait TamiIMG 7347 e1292008972341 Family Portrait TamiIMG 7332 Family Portrait TamiIMG 7419 e1292009130680 Family Portrait TamiIMG 7540 e1292009155508 Family Portrait Tami

Boudoir Photography-Bambi

May 20th, 2010

Bambi has quickly become one of my best clients…I did a boudoir/nude photo shoot with her years ago.  She called me up and wanted to do another boudoir photo shoot….this time she had been working out getting ready for a fitness competition.  I have to say she looked absolutely fantastic and we a ton of fun during the photo shoot.  She is the type of Missoula girl who is up for anything and we definitely took full advantage of that.  These were some of my favorite pics from our boudoir photo shoot…

IMG 6666 Boudoir Photography BambiIMG 6527 e1292007898767 Boudoir Photography BambiIMG 6609 e1292007933175 Boudoir Photography BambiIMG 6468 Boudoir Photography BambiIMG 6753 e1292008030183 Boudoir Photography BambiIMG 6780 e1292008066351 Boudoir Photography BambiIMG 6706 Boudoir Photography BambiIMG 6716 e1292008135792 Boudoir Photography BambiIMG 6874 e1292008166567 Boudoir Photography Bambi

Portrait Photography-Kelli Graduation

May 14th, 2010

Kelli asked me to come and photograph her college graduation…I was happy to help.  End up shooting not only her but her friends and family as well…it was a blast all the way around!  The pics turned out great and everyone had a great time.  These are some of my favorite pics from her graduation portrait…

IMG 6016 Portrait Photography Kelli GraduationIMG 5702 e1291844541210 Portrait Photography Kelli GraduationIMG 5778 e1291844574504 Portrait Photography Kelli GraduationIMG 6081 Portrait Photography Kelli GraduationIMG 5960 Portrait Photography Kelli Graduation

Engagement Portrait-Lyneah and Mike

May 14th, 2010

Lyneah and Mike are a great couple from Missoula…they are so much fun to be around and to work with…doesn’t hurt that they’re a gorgeous couple.  I shot their engagement portrait down by the river and in downtown Missoula…the pics turned out amazing!  These were some of my favorites from their engagement portrait session…

IMG 4960 Engagement Portrait Lyneah and MikeIMG 4974 e1291843000761 Engagement Portrait Lyneah and MikeIMG 5194 e1291843039901 Engagement Portrait Lyneah and MikeIMG 5007 e1291843090793 Engagement Portrait Lyneah and MikeIMG 5222 e1291843115903 Engagement Portrait Lyneah and Mike

Engagement portrait-Stephanie and Ryan

May 13th, 2010

Shot an engagement portrait for Ryan and Stephanie…they were a blast to work with!  It was a fantastic photo shoot, they just happened to have a private access to the river behind their house which we utilized to it’s fullest.  It was obvious they were madly in love and had a great sense of humor…the pics show that!  These are some of my favorites from their engagement portrait.

IMG 4772 Engagement portrait Stephanie and RyanIMG 4760 e1291838717219 Engagement portrait Stephanie and RyanIMG 4826 e1291838751639 Engagement portrait Stephanie and RyanIMG 4702 Engagement portrait Stephanie and RyanIMG 4917 e1291838834240 Engagement portrait Stephanie and RyanIMG 4766 Engagement portrait Stephanie and RyanIMG 4894 Engagement portrait Stephanie and Ryan

Missoulian Article on the Help Portrait Event

May 1st, 2010

The Help Portrait event I organized and hosted was featured on the front page of the Missoulian…very cool!  Great recognition for a great cause!

Help Portrait Charity Event For Headstart Families

April 29th, 2010

I hosted a photo charity event where I invited my favorite photographers, makeup artists and hairstylists from around the region to give free family portraits for low income families who have kids in the Headstart program here in Missoula.    The event was simply amazing!  It was sooo great to give families portraits…many of which have never had their portrait taken.  A huge thank you needs to go out to Walgreens…they provided all the prints from the shoot…and we can’t forget to thank all the volunteers who helped make it a huge success!  These are some of my favorite photos from the shoot…

IMG 0714 Help Portrait Charity Event For Headstart FamiliesIMG 0608 Help Portrait Charity Event For Headstart FamiliesIMG 1371 Help Portrait Charity Event For Headstart FamiliesIMG 1435 Help Portrait Charity Event For Headstart Families

Senior Portrait-Luke (again)

April 26th, 2010

Luke and I decided to reshoot some of the pics once the weather was nicer a few days after the original senior portrait session.  We had even more fun on this shoot and with the sun out the pics turned out amazing.  I love the senior portrait shots with his shotgun…that’s him in a nutshell!

IMG 0403 Senior Portrait Luke (again)IMG 0284 e1291836475117 Senior Portrait Luke (again)IMG 0441 e1291836522693 Senior Portrait Luke (again)IMG 0508 e1291836568764 Senior Portrait Luke (again)IMG 0406 e1291836604998 Senior Portrait Luke (again)

Senior Portrait-Luke

April 22nd, 2010

Luke came to me and wanted to do a senior portrait that reflected who he was…he’s a true Montanan and is obsessed with the outdoors.  So we grabbed his shotgun and headed out to get some great photos.  He was so much fun to work with…it’s obvious in the pics that we had a great time…only wish the weather in Missoula had been better!

IMG 9861 Senior Portrait LukeIMG 0041 e1291835906802 Senior Portrait LukeIMG 9898 e1291835943403 Senior Portrait LukeIMG 0061 Senior Portrait LukeIMG 0100 e1291836018474 Senior Portrait LukeIMG 9821 e1291836050235 Senior Portrait Luke

Boudoir Photography-Tami

April 16th, 2010

Tami came over for another photo shoot.  We did another boudoir portrait since she loved the first ones so much.  Again she amazed me at how incredible she was in front of the camera…the pictures that resulted were amazing!  She is truly gorgeous and the camera loves her…can’t wait to do another photo shoot with her!

IMG 8726 Boudoir Photography TamiIMG 8322 e1291835303818 Boudoir Photography TamiIMG 8944 e1291835349147 Boudoir Photography TamiIMG 7655 Boudoir Photography TamiIMG 8310 e1291835442549 Boudoir Photography TamiIMG 8434 e1291835488889 Boudoir Photography Tami

Portrait photography-Dave

April 3rd, 2010

Dave happens to be one of my best friends in the whole world and I’ve never photographed him…so the last time he was in town we hit the studio and this is what resulted. He’s an incredible person and super nice…it was so much fun to work with someone I’m so close with. I decided to light him with more of a dramatic and intense look…some of the shots ended up looking like a Hugo Boss add…love it!

IMG 7001 Portrait photography Dave
IMG 7030 e1291834143979 Portrait photography DaveIMG 6994 e1291834295167 Portrait photography DaveIMG 6941 e1291834404483 Portrait photography DaveIMG 7091 e1291834450215 Portrait photography Dave
Portrait photography

Boudoir Photo Shoot-Ariel

April 1st, 2010

This was my 3rd shoot with Ariel…as always we had a blast and got some gorgeous shots!  We were working in my home studio using the studio lights.  We decided to do a boudoir photography shoot and this is what resulted…

IMG 68931 e1285360971369 Boudoir Photo Shoot ArielIMG 5702 e1285361141170 Boudoir Photo Shoot ArielIMG 5910 e1285361056833 Boudoir Photo Shoot ArielIMG 61551 e1285361382698 Boudoir Photo Shoot ArielIMG 5876 1 e1285361435696 Boudoir Photo Shoot ArielIMG 6002 1 e1285361510262 Boudoir Photo Shoot ArielIMG 6100 1 Boudoir Photo Shoot Ariel

Missoula Photographers

Family Portrait-The Terry’s

March 31st, 2010

My Wife’s side of the family was in town for her grandpa’s 90th birthday!  Anyway thought it would be good to bring some studio equipment and get a family portrait of the whole family together…

IMG 16711 Family Portrait The Terry’sIMG 15501 e1285691475714 Family Portrait The Terry’sIMG 16661 e1285691546555 Family Portrait The Terry’sIMG 5509 Family Portrait The Terry’sIMG 5502 e1285693869323 Family Portrait The Terry’sIMG 5376 e1285693942548 Family Portrait The Terry’sIMG 54681 Family Portrait The Terry’sIMG 15981 Family Portrait The Terry’s

Family Portrait Photographer Missoula Photographers

Boudoir Photo Shoot-Tami

March 30th, 2010


Tami wanted to do some fun and sexy shots…which was extremely easy…she’s naturally fun and sexy!  What resulted was a spectacular boudoir portrait!

IMG 49841 Boudoir Photo Shoot TamiIMG 47721 Boudoir Photo Shoot TamiIMG 45921 Boudoir Photo Shoot TamiIMG 46371 Boudoir Photo Shoot TamiIMG 47651 Boudoir Photo Shoot TamiIMG 52821 Boudoir Photo Shoot Tami

Missoula Photographers Boudoir Photographer

Portrait Photo Shoot-Tami

March 29th, 2010


Tami is an amazing woman…she’s been going through a tough time lately and just wasn’t feeling good about herself.  It’s amazing what a photo shoot can do…she transformed right before my eyes…the portraits and headshots that resulted were gorgeous!

IMG 37801 Portrait Photo Shoot TamiIMG 38251 e1285605547793 Portrait Photo Shoot TamiIMG 42311 Portrait Photo Shoot TamiIMG 39411 Portrait Photo Shoot TamiIMG 4258 1 e1285605710855 Portrait Photo Shoot TamiIMG 4421 11 e1285605765267 Portrait Photo Shoot Tami

Missoula Photographer Portrait photographer


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