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Boudoir Photography-Amber

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Did a boudoir shoot with Amber the other day.  She was a blast to work with and was great in front of the camera!  Check out the pictures and you’ll see why…

Blog Collage1312482459453 Boudoir Photography Amber

Boudoir/Glamour Photography-Nikki

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Had a fantastic boudoir/glamour photography shoot with Nikki.  She loves being in front of the camera and she makes a fantastic model…can’t wait to work with her again!

Blog Collage1312481464753 Boudoir/Glamour Photography Nikki

Boudoir/Fine Art Nude Portrait

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Did a shoot the other day that started as a boudoir shoot but we ended up doing some fine art nudes as well.  Kelli was a blast to work with and the pics turned out fantastic.  I’ll definitely use the fine art pics in my upcoming art show…

IMG 0637 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0911 e1296850454223 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0733 e1296850495980 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0842 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0553 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0801 e1296850670904 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0689 e1296850720789 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0405 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0775 e1296850836947 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0385 e1296850883432 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0530 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0791 e1296850958339 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0654 e1296851001617 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude PortraitIMG 0535 Boudoir/Fine Art Nude Portrait

Boudoir Photography-Kim

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Bambi introduced me to a friend of hers named Kim.  Kim is an amazing woman who is personal trainer here in Missoula.  We hit it off immediately!  She was a blast to work with and she’s in incredible shape so we ended up doing some fine art nudes as well.  These are some of my favorite pics from her boudoir session…

IMG 8723 Boudoir Photography KimIMG 8395 e1292015744362 Boudoir Photography KimIMG 9030 e1292015785708 Boudoir Photography KimIMG 8795 Boudoir Photography KimIMG 8513 e1292015836361 Boudoir Photography KimIMG 8762 e1292015881149 Boudoir Photography KimIMG 9227 Boudoir Photography KimIMG 8994 e1292015962531 Boudoir Photography KimIMG 9047 e1292015988760 Boudoir Photography KimIMG 9537 Boudoir Photography KimIMG 8490 Boudoir Photography KimIMG 8442 e1292016074134 Boudoir Photography KimIMG 8549 e1292016103118 Boudoir Photography KimIMG 9093 Boudoir Photography Kim

Boudoir Photography-Bambi 2

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Bambi came over for another boudoir shoot the other day.  As always we had a great time and the pics turned out amazing!  We wanted to get out of the studio a bit so we ended up shooting all around the house which was a nice change.  These are some of my favorite photos from that boudoir shoot.

IMG 8218 Boudoir Photography Bambi 2IMG 7915 e1292010316409 Boudoir Photography Bambi 2IMG 8295 e1292010340834 Boudoir Photography Bambi 2IMG 7932 e1292010367676 Boudoir Photography Bambi 2IMG 8309 e1292010391354 Boudoir Photography Bambi 2

Boudoir Photography-Bambi

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Bambi has quickly become one of my best clients…I did a boudoir/nude photo shoot with her years ago.  She called me up and wanted to do another boudoir photo shoot….this time she had been working out getting ready for a fitness competition.  I have to say she looked absolutely fantastic and we a ton of fun during the photo shoot.  She is the type of Missoula girl who is up for anything and we definitely took full advantage of that.  These were some of my favorite pics from our boudoir photo shoot…

IMG 6666 Boudoir Photography BambiIMG 6527 e1292007898767 Boudoir Photography BambiIMG 6609 e1292007933175 Boudoir Photography BambiIMG 6468 Boudoir Photography BambiIMG 6753 e1292008030183 Boudoir Photography BambiIMG 6780 e1292008066351 Boudoir Photography BambiIMG 6706 Boudoir Photography BambiIMG 6716 e1292008135792 Boudoir Photography BambiIMG 6874 e1292008166567 Boudoir Photography Bambi

Boudoir Photography-Tami

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Tami came over for another photo shoot.  We did another boudoir portrait since she loved the first ones so much.  Again she amazed me at how incredible she was in front of the camera…the pictures that resulted were amazing!  She is truly gorgeous and the camera loves her…can’t wait to do another photo shoot with her!

IMG 8726 Boudoir Photography TamiIMG 8322 e1291835303818 Boudoir Photography TamiIMG 8944 e1291835349147 Boudoir Photography TamiIMG 7655 Boudoir Photography TamiIMG 8310 e1291835442549 Boudoir Photography TamiIMG 8434 e1291835488889 Boudoir Photography Tami


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