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Wedding Tips From Dax Photography 11

If you’re planning on spending any time outdoors in heels the day of your wedding get a set of Soulmates. They’re clear rubber/plastic caps to go on the end of your heels so you don’t sink into the grass.


Wedding Tips From Dax Photography 9

“Styled Wedding” This is a term in our industry where a group of wedding vendors will get together and do a photoshoot with professional models. Basically it’s a fake wedding for a photoshoot. Vendors do these to increase their portfolio’s and get stunning images. Be careful when selecting vendors and ask to see examples from


Wedding Tips From Dax Photography: 8

All wedding dresses with a train will have thumb hook to help you carry the train as you walk.  It’s always located on the underside of the train in the center about a foot from the edge (usually a 6 inch satin ribbon loop).  Some brides never notice it, and others try to cut it


Wedding Day Tips From Dax Photography: 5

Face each other during the ceremony as much as possible, if not ALL of the ceremony.  A lot pastors/officiants will have you face them during the ceremony…especially the important parts…DON’T DO IT!  Here’s why…1) facing each other will calm each other’s nerves, and don’t you want to look in each other’s eyes during the ceremony!?!?



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