I am a photographer in another state…..when my kids and I determined we were going to vacation in Montana, I immediately made some calls to find the ‘best’ photographer for my family! Not looking for stuffy, boring, average family portraits….as soon as I saw Dax’s portfolio, I knew he was the photographer for us! I scheduled our session over the phone and when we arrived in Missoula, a portrait session with Dax was the first item on the agenda! Photographing a photographer is one of the biggest challenges for a photographer! If you think a two year old is hard to make cooperate you should see how hard it is for a photographer who would rather be anywhere rather in front of a camera! Dax was so much fun! He used his fun-loving nature and charisma to loosen us all up and make us laugh and really enjoy our portrait session! Dax captured images of my kids and I revealing our personalities and the relationships we have with each other! Our photos reflect the love and happiness we share in our family – I couldn’t be more pleased! I would not hesitate to recommend Dax Photography for any of your photographic needs – I not only respect Dax as a fabulous photographer but also as a new found friend!
— Tina Toms
Simply put, Dax is the best photographer you will find. Period!
— Julianna Weiel
He has the eye for photography and the results are breathtaking!
— Meagan Damrow