Trash the Dress Photography Price: $600

What is a Trash the Dress Session?

A Trash the Dress Session is a glamour photoshoot where we do those fun and creative shots that we'd never ask the bride to do the day of her wedding (stand in the middle of a river, ride on a horse, etc).  We'll get creative...the more creative the better...

Do I have to really trash it?

Of course not!   It's just a fun session to do when you have more time than the day of the wedding or a situation you wouldn't dare do the day of the wedding. Sure you can get a little risky with it, like splashing in water or riding horseback in the snow since the fear of getting it dirty is over, but you don't have to.

Can I still do a session if you didn't shoot my wedding?

Absolutely! We can certainly add a little spice to your wedding collection even if we didn't cover the actual event. This is the perfect opportunity to add a different style to your wedding photos and some out of the ordinary locations.

We like to keep things simple...which means for a flat rate we’ll shoot your portrait with as many locations as you’d like.  The shoot will last 2-3 hours and we can work in the studio or outside.  You will get a custom usb of the edited images so you can print as many as you’d like.  We’ll also upload all the images to an online gallery for sharing and viewing.