I’m often asked whether I shoot landscapes living in Montana…the answer is no…I prefer to have my photos filled with life!  From the intense beautiful colors, to the creative posing and raw emotion captured in my images…my photos are anything but lifeless.  Each photo is a vivid reminder of the profound effect an image can have on someone's life.

You know your family and loved ones better than anyone, and it's important to you that they feel relaxed and totally at ease with whomever you choose to photograph them.  You're looking for a photographer with a studio that's inviting to everyone, instead of intimidating, where they'll be able to have fun and be themselves in front of the camera because you know those are the times when they produce the most authentic and meaningful portraits.  I'm just a guy LOVES to take beautiful photos and feel everyone deserves epic pictures of their loved ones...let me take yours! 

I'm extremely blessed to be able to do what I love in the place that I love!  I owe it all to my amazing wife Jennifer, who has inspired everything I do and continues to be my biggest supporter, which is probably why I love weddings so much...I LOVE love!  

Fun Facts About Me!

  • My wife proposed to me! (on one knee, ring in hand...the full deal)
  • I'm an equal opportunity mocker
  • I'm a huge fan of The Bachelor (no judging)
  • I draw my wife every year as a 1940's style pinup every year for her birthday
  • The City named a day after me (seriously...April 11th is Dax Day!  They dedicated it to me after I won the volunteer of the year award in 2011)
  • I was born and raised in Missoula, Montana
  • I was voted Missoula's Best Photographer 3 years in a row
  • I've been a judge for the Miss Montana Pageant
  • I talk about my wife way too much
  • I took all the photos of my wife and I on this page (I've got skills)