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At my own wedding in September, my wife and I decided to make it an adults only affair.  I’m seeing this at more and more weddings.  We were worried that our guests who were parents would be upset…in fact it, was exactly the opposite.  Everyone LOVED the idea and treated it like a romantic date


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If you’re planning on spending any time outdoors in heels the day of your wedding get a set of Soulmates. They’re clear rubber/plastic caps to go on the end of your heels so you don’t sink into the grass.


Wedding Tips From Dax Photography 10

Bring extra black socks. At least one of the groomsmen will undoubtedly forget theirs! I always carry an extra pair in my emergency kit.


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“Styled Wedding” This is a term in our industry where a group of wedding vendors will get together and do a photoshoot with professional models. Basically it’s a fake wedding for a photoshoot. Vendors do these to increase their portfolio’s and get stunning images. Be careful when selecting vendors and ask to see examples from


Wedding Tips From Dax Photography: 8

All wedding dresses with a train will have thumb hook to help you carry the train as you walk.  It’s always located on the underside of the train in the center about a foot from the edge (usually a 6 inch satin ribbon loop).  Some brides never notice it, and others try to cut it


Wedding Tips From Dax Photography: 7

Try on your dress at least 5 times before your wedding day.  Not just in the store, or the alterations shop.  Make sure you try on your dress at home, preferably with the people who are actually going to lace/zip you into it.  Practice getting into your dress!  Know if you need to step into


Wedding Tips From Dax Photography: 6

Powdered Sunscreen…yeah it’s a thing!  Those outdoor weddings can be brutal on a bridal party’s skin.  With pictures and the actual ceremony/reception all outdoors it’s no wonder so many people get sunburned at weddings (on their shoulders and especially face if their makeup isn’t SPF or they missed a spot).  To make sure your bridal


Wedding Day Tips From Dax Photography: 5

Face each other during the ceremony as much as possible, if not ALL of the ceremony.  A lot pastors/officiants will have you face them during the ceremony…especially the important parts…DON’T DO IT!  Here’s why…1) facing each other will calm each other’s nerves, and don’t you want to look in each other’s eyes during the ceremony!?!?


Wedding Day Tips From Dax Photography: 4

If you’re looking to save money, try not having a stacked wedding cake.  Usually you see a stacked 3 tiered cake at a wedding.  If you ask the bakery to not stack them…ie 3 separate round/square cakes it’s usually half the price!  You can then present them in all sorts of creative ways.  Same beautiful


Wedding Day Tips from Dax Photography: 3

If you accidentally lean up against a tire the day of your wedding and get that black stuff on your dress (it happens more often than you think). Don’t try to clean it or wipe it at all! Rather, use masking tape or a lint roller to remove it…works like a charm!


Wedding Day Tips From Dax Photography: 2

Bring a few pieces of chalk on your wedding day. If you get anything on your dress it’s the best way to cover it up until you can get it professionally cleaned. It works great to blend in almost any dress color and won’t hurt your dress at all…no one will ever know!


Wedding Day Tips From Dax Photography: 1

Register at Bed Bath and Beyond…it’s still the only major store that allows cash back on returns. It’s a tactful way to ask guests for cash to help pay for the wedding. Plus, I don’t know about you, but when my wife and I got that price gun in our hands we went crazy and


2015 Missoula Wedding Fair-WHY YOU SHOULDN’T GO!

I’ve been a vendor at the Missoula Wedding Fair for over 5 years now and have seen it progressively go downhill.  This is the Cherry Creek Wedding Fair held every year at the Holiday Inn Downtown.  It has suffered from poor management and utter greed by the host radio station.  This year I finally decided

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